EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Roberto Degli Esposti and Diane Laschet

SCOA - Roberto Degli Esposti, Diane Laschet: Coaching ‘the future we live in’: how coaching can help companies address the actual fit.

Session on 17 November 2021 06:00 UTC - View on timetable


The future we are presently living in has already evolved at an astonishing pace. We now live in the future. Pandemic represents a “quantum leap” effect – with no going back.

The new ‘future’ environment we are now living in is profoundly different from pre-covid times.

It requires a totally different set of behaviours at both social individual and organizational level. The new set of behaviours that fit best these times, also represents the new strategic competitive advantage.

For the first time ever, everywhere in the world, in every single country, in any system, in any industry at any stage of business, social and personal life cycle we are all on square one.

No experiences to learn from, no benchmark to adopt, no best practice to copy. In the future where we live, consulting lost their main reason for existing.

What are the new key questions?

How do we approach this new reality? How do we design and implement and manage new solutions? new policies? New processes?

How do we attract, retain, engage talents in this current future? And how do we shape our organization in terms of culture, attitude, boundaries, process?

SCOA – The School of Coaching has been investigating the “the actual future”, through research, focus groups with CEO’s, workshops with HR Executives, dialogues with policy makers like in a recent event in Venice,  where we presented the results of this massive effort to Senior HR leaders and policymakers, including the Italian government’s labor Minister.

In Coaching the future we live in: how coaching can help organizations, teams and people to address the actual fit we share with you the outcome and we are going to discuss how coaching supports addressing the new key issues.

In this scenario, we offer some powerful metaphors from contemporary art as inputs which can help organizations to manage the future into which we have all plunged.

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Roberto Degli Esposti is a Managing Partner of SCOA – The School of Coaching, one of the oldest and most rewarded Italian Coaching Academy, established in 2002 in Milan, Roberto Degli Esposti coordinates all the Business activities as well as the organizational functioning and leads projects aimed at business transformation and organizational development.

Roberto spent the first nine years of his career in a multinational consulting firm supporting clients in the retail, finance, fashion and publishing sectors. He then moved to management positions in large corporations as Director of Personnel and subsequently as CEO, always with the mission to lead important business and organizational change or radical turnarounds.

As Executive Business Coach he supports Executives, Leadership Teams and Entrepreneurs in organizational transformation and development leveraging Mentoring and Coaching one to one, Team Coaching and Group Coaching.

In 2020 he was nominated as Member on the Alumni Bocconi Career Development Advisory Board where he serves as a Mentor also. He is also part of CMI – Coaching and Mentoring International together with a selected Team and Executive Coach Worldwide led by David Clutterbuck.

Diane Laschet is a USA based Performant by SCOA Executive Business Coach with a passion for Transformational Life Coaching with clients in multiple countries.

An entrepreneur at heart, Diane has 30 year of multinational corporate experience accumulated both in Italy and in the USA.

In 2020 she closed a successful 20 year professional chapter with AirPlus International (a company owned by Lufthansa) where she started as a home based 1 woman show Sales Executive opening the Italian market. Rising through the ranks, from 2008 to 2017 she covered the position of AirPlus International Italy MD and in 2017 she was promoted to Head of Americas and USA CEO.

Diane has gained experience in the payment, fintech, travel and travel technology industries having also worked for American Express and Travelport.

She served on boards for NGOs in Italy, India, US and Uganda.

Throughout her career Diane practiced her CEO role as a  servant coaching leader with a relentless eye on performance, by caring to exponentially grow individuals in her teams paired with numbers and by proudly adopting practices to increase happiness and well-being in the workplace.