EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


João Catalão and Ana Teresa Penim

João Catalão and Ana Teresa Penim - The Coaching and Mentoring Company: Workshop - Team Coaching Powerful Tool

Session on 16 November 2021 08:00 UTC - View on timetable


TEAM COACHING POWERFUL TOOL: Winner Game / Counterfactual Thinking

Teams often face situations for which they need an explanation. The counterfactual proposition of the “if…then…” type integrates a causal nature, which can be described as the frame of the situation that integrates several factors related to each other, such as: the identification of causes and facilitating conditions. The Counterfactual Thinking theory supports the Winner Game tool. Thus, in Team Coaching, the Winner Game promotes the team’s mental flexibility through the creation of new scenarios, based on “what if…”, stimulating the team to think of new possibilities, as well as avoiding the recurrence of unwanted results.

During this workshop, we will challenge participants to try this powerful team coaching tool.

Speaker contact details:

Whatsapp:   +351 965657678 (Ana Penim)   +351 918799307 (João Catalão)


Ana Teresa Penim, Executive Coach and Mentor Master Practitioner (EMCC), has dedicated her 30-year career to human and professional development. Assuming herself as Talent and Leadership Booster, she is passionate about transformation and change.

Leveraged by her background in Organizational Psychology and an Appreciative Coaching and Mentoring paradigm, Ana has been dedicating her career to working with highly competitive companies and researching how emotions determine human behaviour and performance. She created several innovative behavioural concepts, such as the WOWme Attitude®, that inspire Coaches, Team Coaches, Mentors and Leaders worldwide, to transform the emotional state and performance of their clients and teams.

She is a regular author/co-author of best-selling books and specialized articles, namely “Coaching Tools“; “Team Coaching Tools”; “Mentoring Tools”; “WOWme Attitude!® – how to surprise in personal life and in business“; “Negotiate & Sell“; “The Art of War in Education and Training”; among others.

Ana teaches teachers at the Higher School of Education (IPS) and has been Counselor of the National Education Council of Portugal for nine years.

Cofounder and Managing Partner of YouUP – The Coaching and Mentoring Company, the CMI/David Clutterbuck’s partner for Portugal and other portuguese speaking countries, and cofounder of INV – Institute of Negotiation and Sales.

Ana Penim is also cofounder of EMCC Portugal and its General Secretary. She leads a Team Coaching Community of Practice in Portugal.

João Catalão holds a diversified multinational professional career. He is an international speaker, entrepreneur, coach and executive mentor, teacher, speaker and lecturer on motivation, creativity, multicultural negotiation and sales. From his vast curriculum, the publication of several books (ex: Coaching Tools) and the co-authorship and co-dinamization of the SIC Mulher / Mais Mulher section stand out. Certified by: ICF (PCC) and ASESCO (CPC). Vice President of EMCC Portugal . Vice President of APMENTOR (Portuguese Mentoring Association). Vice President of Age Friendly Portugal. He is also the Co-founder of the BusinessUp Group ( INV , YouUp , ActiveUP) and director of the DO it! .