EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Jenny Plaister and Nicola Brown

Jenny Plaister and Nicola Brown: Who is the Pro of Promotion?

Session on 18 November 2021 18:00 UTC - View on timetable


Join us for this EMCC Global-led world café networking event, looking at what is working for practitioners who are promoting themselves and their education, coaching or mentoring businesses.

Whether you rely on word-of-mouth, on website traffic, networking… even social media dance trends – come and join in on this world café networking dialogue to find out from your peers and share what’s working for you.

Get ready for lots of break-out rooms, meeting new people, making new connections and hearing stories of success and stories of bloopers.

What is your niche?

What makes you stand out?

How are you reaching your potential clients?

How do you know it’s working?
What’s your return on investment?

Do I really need to ‘go live’ in Instagram?

Explore all this and more with like-minded people


Jenny is an executive coach, leadership facilitator and team coach with an international business background and specialty in the intercultural sphere. During her tenure in
international marketing in the IT industry, she lived and worked in the UK, the Asia/Pacific region the USA and mainland Europe and has worked with people from many different
cultures, including the Middle East and Africa. Jenny has a Masters Degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice (M.A. CMP awarded with distinction) and is accredited to Master Coach level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (FinstLM) and an accredited coaching supervisor. Her clients are typically leaders who are facing the need for change and need to develop interpersonal, inter-cultural and leadership presence. They may have increased responsibility, be transferred to a new geography, or be working within a multi-cultural global team. She
provides an opportunity for her clients to step back from their roles to reflect upon strategy, approach and impact. This helps to develop the skillsets and resilience required to flourish
when working with different mindsets and working practices.

A visiting lecturer and conference speaker at home and abroad, she is certified to work interculturally (the International Profiler (TIP), Cultural Intelligence (CQ)). Her book “The CrossCultural Coaching Kaleidoscope: A systems Approach to Coaching Amongst Different Cultural Influences’ was published in 2016 by Karnac. She is also certified to apply a systemic approach to her work.