EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Dr Lise Lewis

Dr Lise Lewis - Bluesky International: Why Supervision? You don’t know what you’re missing!

Session on 18 November 2021 13:45 UTC - View on timetable


Some of the comments I hear in my supervision practice:

  • “I’m stuck and I don’t know where to go next”
  • “I was surprised this happened in our coaching session – totally unexpected”
  • “What was I supposed to do?”
  • “I just get overwhelmed sometimes and as a coach I feel I should be able to cope”
  • “Does this usually happen in coaching or is it just me?”

If you’re curious about any of these you may like to hear about the stories behind the statements and how the role of supervision features.


My focus for practice is as a Relational Leadership Coach | Mentor and Coach Supervisor. I founded Bluesky International in 2000 following a rewarding career in HR. I proudly support the quality standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council as a designer, global provider and trainer of EMCC accredited coach | mentor and coach supervisor training programmes and was delighted to be a Winner of the EMCC Global Supervision Award.

Author of Relational Feedback: Why Feedback Fails and How to Make It Meaningful with a companion book in progress exploring culturally diverse feedback case studies.

President of EMCC Global 2011-2017 and currently EMCC Global Special Ambassador promoting professional practice in mentoring, coaching and supervision.

Outside of work I love family and friends time, cycling, dance, the arts and special walks with our dog Charlie. My scariest adventure was skydiving and still feeling the fear 3 years later!