EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Dorota Raniszewska

Dorota Raniszewska : Moving from inner shadows to the light outside, combining coaching and therapeutic photography to inspire new habits and lasting change.

Session on 15 November 2021 06:00 UTC - View on timetable


The year 2020 has demonstrated that, above all, we are living and that life has great value. We saw that quality of life is about what kind of body we live in, what emotions we live with, how we perceive the outside world. It also depends on how we protect ourselves from outside influence and absorb it, our relationships with people and nature, our connection to ourselves. These are the factors that affect our ability to achieve our goals. Mental and physical health is ONE, not separate.

Combining coaching with well-being & creation practice is a holistic model to help people reconnect to their natural wisdom and change the way of living and processing the world around them. It might be a healing process. Creation allows us to move beyond (transcend) the facts of daily life. Together with nature and movement, they are natural remedies for the confusion caused by the complexity of life challenges.

This session will demonstrate a coaching process combined with therapeutic photography for a client who started new habits and created lasting change.

I see coaching not as series of talking sessions between client and coach. Instead, it is primarily the work of a person who creates their new life every day by changing habits to new ones.

Join the conversation about How coaching can support people to reconnect to nature, natural wisdom, a healthy lifestyle to enable a change in social habits that lead the Earth to the edge of an ecological divide.

Learning outcomes:

  • A lasting change happens when the person exercises the difference every day.
  • Creation allows us to move beyond (transcend) the facts of daily life.
  • Photography brings the content to the consciousness. The content becomes visible and almost tangible. It is possible to find a shape and words that describe a particular human experience. The person can witness it and heal by seeing what they feel about themselves.

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Dorota Raniszewska

I am. I’m a human being. A loving and caring one. A brave and trustful one. A wise and fair one. And as we all are by our human nature. I help people to notice and use these strengths inside themselves. I assist them in moving from inner shadows to the light outside. My coaching was born with my heart.

I combine and apply the principles of different methods in various individual dynamics. I propose work based on coaching models, thoughts, emotions and body awareness, exploration of pictures and life snapshots, combined with mindfulness, meditation and forest therapy practices.

I’m a coach, mentor, author of books. EMCC Senior P., accredited coach by the Polish Chamber of Coaching, Certified Body Soul Fusion® Practitioner. I published four books in Polish and two in English – these are ‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey’, available on as well as “Photography in Palliative Care”.

Photography has been my way to connect to myself and the world outside, get closer to my emotions, and express them creatively. ‘Photo walks’ supported my well being and positive thinking. Family photos guided me to integrate myself. I found my roots, healed wounds, understood the strengths of generations and my own life experience. Today, I help my clients to become visible for themselves. Together we depart on a journey beyond the surface of the Self-image. In a creative process of coaching with photography, people connect to their strengths, inner wisdom and purpose in life, build bridges between past experiences and future possibilities. I believe that personal photos are like good stars on the way home. And there are still many ways to discover.