EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Dilek Yildirim

Dilek Yildirim - Eternal Coaching and Mentoring Academy: The Critical Role of A Team Coach and Benefits of Supervision for Team Coaches (This session will be in Turkish)

Session on 17 November 2021 08:00 UTC - View on timetable


**This sessions will be done in Turkish**

Team coaching can be much more intense than one-to-one coaching given the input from many team members at once. Supervision is also more important for team coaches due to the complexity of the work and ease with which a team coach can get involved in internal team dynamics. 

Supervision uses reflection on past events, awareness of the coach’s part in those past moments or the present moment, and the effect it has on the coach’s behavior.

A supervisor is an excellent resource for a team coach as an impartial observer and aid to the reflective practice and its part in the team coaching process. 

In this virtual event, we will explore together:

  • The role of a team  coach 
  • Systems thinking and group dynamics
  • Team Coaching Mindset 
  • Challenges facing team coaches
  • The importance of supervision for team coaches.
  • Supervision case studies for a team coach. 

Who would benefit from this event?

  • Team coaches
  • Executive coaches interested in working with teams
  • HR/OD practitioners working with teams
  • Leaders of teams

Session contact details:


Whatsapp/SMS: (+90) 532 2331955



Dilek Yildirim, EIA Master Practitioner , ESIA Accredited Coach Supervisor and  Owner, Senior Faculty at Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy . She brings  to her clients business experience combined with a passion for supporting leaders, teams and coaches articulate and achieve their personal best. 

She is actively promoting the highest quality and ethical standards of coaching  profession. She has 8.000 + hours coaching experience with leaders and teams.  She is driven by her values which include integrity, equity and her long-standing passion for coaching.

She has  developed 5C® Coaching Model and trained, mentored hundreds of coaches.

Dilek has a wealth of professional management experience gained over 15 years with multi-national companies. 

Her first book “Biri Beni Dinliyor” aims to make people understand coaching better through real stories. It’s been seen as one of the unique examples amongst coaching books. The English title is “Who Holds The Magic Wand?“