EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Damian Goldvarg and Lily Seto

Damian Goldvarg and Lily Seto: Supervision of Supervision

Session on 19 November 2021 18:00 UTC - View on timetable


1) What themes are emerging in the supervision field

2) What strategies and training we need to pay attention as trainer providers and supervisors.


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Lily Seto:

Damian Goldvarg:


Dr Damian Goldvarg has thirty years of experience in executive assessment and coaching and leadership development. He has worked with individuals and organizations in over sixty countries, including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, offering services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  He is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant University in California. He is also a Professional Certified Speaker (CSP) and an Accredited Coach Supervisor (ESIA), and facilitates certifications on Professional Coaching, Mentor Coaching, and Coaching Supervision (ESQA). He was the 2013-2014 International Coaching Federation Global President.

Lily Seto has a global leadership coaching, mentoring, and supervision practice. She is a graduate of the first North American Coaching Supervision Academy class and now has a global supervision practice, both individual and group supervision. She is the first Canadian to be awarded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) European Supervision Individual Accreditation
(ESIA) and has just been approved for Senior Practitioner in Coaching and in Team Coaching. In her spare time, Lily is an avid reader, traveller and grandmother, not necessarily in that order!