EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Chris Munro

Chris Munro, Growth Coaching International: Coaching and Mentoring in Educational Contexts.

Session on 15 November 2021 02:00 UTC - View on timetable


Ultimately, schools and other educational settings flourish when relationships are strong, and these relationships are built on the quality of our conversations. Interactions between school leaders and teachers; between teachers and teachers; between teachers and administrators; and between teachers and parents, make up the greater part of school life. Perhaps even more importantly, in a school, the learning conversations between teachers and students are at the heart of what a school is all about. At GCI we believe that developing coaching skills and approaches is a powerful way to enable educational communities to flourish, with benefits to learners, educators and leaders.

The area of coaching in education has developed and matured over the past 10-20 years with strong evidence emerging of the positive difference that coaching and coaching approaches can make to educational communities. This session will use The Global Framework for Coaching and Mentoring in Education (van Nieuwerburgh, Knight & Campbell, 2019) as a framework to describe four contexts where coaching and more ‘coach like’ interactions can make a positive difference.

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As Executive Director of Growth Coaching International (GCI), Chris has responsibility for GCI operations globally.

He is passionate about teacher growth and leadership, and the powerful role that coaching and coaching approaches can play. An educator first and foremost, Chris has extensive experience in supporting and leading the development of teachers and school leaders, drawn from almost 30 years in Government and Independent schools, and in Higher Education. Over the past 10 years, Chris has applied his experience to the leadership of teacher professional learning strategy and the development of school coaching models in Australia.

Chris continues to coach education leaders and is an accredited Senior Practitioner with EMCC Global. He contributes to the conversational capacity of education communities across Australia and internationally through his role in the design and delivery of coaching and mentoring training courses and consultancy projects. Chris led the development and delivery of The Impact Cycle Instructional Coaching program in Australia and New Zealand and has been instrumental in the development of GCI’s online learning provision.

He regularly writes and speaks about coaching and mentoring in education and is an active contributor on social media. Chris has co-authored book chapters on coaching cultures for learning (Munro et al., 2020) and coaching for teacher agency (Andrews & Munro, 2019), and he is currently working on a new book about coaching as a leadership stance with John Campbell. Chris was also a co-designer and author of a recent research study investigating school leaders’ experiences of coaching as part of leadership development programs in Victoria, Australia (van Nieuwerburgh et al., 2020).

An experienced facilitator, Chris has presented at major conferences in the UK, Australia and the USA.