EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


EMCC Global Provider Summit

15-19th November 2021


Mike Shreeve, Klaudia Bednarova and Andrea Záhumenská

Mike Shreeve, Klaudia Bednarova and Andrea Záhumenská - Bridge Coaching Partnership: Finding your true self in a second language through coaching and communication

Session on 18 November 2021 15:00 UTC - View on timetable


Learning to coach is a challenging process but what are the advantages of doing it in a second language such as English?  This seminar looks the positive reasons and the secondary benefit of language acquisition and how linguistic tools can assist your coaching at any stage. There will be opportunities to practice skills and interact with others in this workshop. Whilst you may not have any previous experience of coaching, this seminar offers insights for more experienced coaches as well.

Main reasons to attend

After attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Review how learning coaching in a second language can improve both your coaching and language skills.
  • Learn how your communication is enhanced by having a clearer and more authentic self-image.
  • Witness examples, research and experiences revealing some other unexpected communication benefits of this approach.
  • Diagnose the challenges that are presented when learning a language or a skill including a language coaching model.
  • Learn 5 linguistic tools that can improve the effectiveness of your coaching communication.
  • Practice an intuitive coaching model that you can use informally or formally in your work or life context and in this seminar.

Session contact details: 

Mike Shreeve:

Phone: (+44) 7940130970

Andrea Zahumenska:



Mike Shreeve is an EMCC senior practitioner with his own coaching practice and is working with The Bridge School in Slovakia to train coaches to practitioner standards.  He has recently been involved in training school-based mentors in the Ukraine and Ethiopia and has been a CELTA trained language teacher and teacher trainer.  He is passionate about playing tennis and travel.

Klaudia Bednarova is principal of the Bridge English Language Centre.  An entrepreneur with an expertise and passion for education and language learning.  She is determined to make a difference to the education process and the way we live.

Andrea Záhumenská is the Director of Studies of the Bridge English Language Centre.  She is a role model for learning and development and has just passed an advanced teaching certificate (Trinity Tesol  Diploma) and is now taking  the Bridge’s Coaching Practitioner in her second language. She has considerable experience in language teaching and effective practice in this area.